Studio visit to Dharma Tattoo

23.04.2018 — Storyville


Storyville Tattoo owner Nick Horn recently paid a visit to his old pal Dharma Tattoo owner Yeshé Konchok. You can find Dharma on Roman Road in East London. Yeshé and his wife Sally opened the doors almost three years ago and have a great team of tattoo artists working with them. They’ve built a really vibrant studio with artwork and inspiration crammed into every nook and cranny. The aesthetic at Storyville is the complete opposite so Nick said it was lovely to be in a different tattoo environment for the afternoon.

Chewing the (metaphorical) fat

Nick and Yeshé used to work together at Good Times in Shoreditch so it was great to have the opportunity to sit down and chew the fat now that they have both opened their own studios. Yeshé is a devout vegan and practicing Buddhist so of course he’d never actually chew any fat so we hope he forgives the analogy! The guys discussed how Yeshé started out in his tattooing career and what he’s learnt from the 9 studios he worked in before opening Dharma Tattoo. They also chatted about the advice they would give to first timers based on their own personal experiences both getting tattooed and doing tattoos for other people. And of course they had a few laughs along the way.

Afterwards Nick said that it was fantastic to have such a nice relaxed chat with an old friend. He’s really inspired to film more chats with friends and colleagues so do check back regularly for updates. In the meantime though grab a cup of tea and enjoy the video below!