Do tattoos hurt? Advice for first timers from an old timer

13.12.2017 — Storyville

Maybe you’re new to tattoos and you want to find an answer to that big question, does it hurt? You’re in the right place.
In short, erm, yeah it does a bit. Sorry!
But let me explain. It is not as bad as you might think.

So what do tattoos feel like?

It’s pretty much like a bad sunburn with a bit of a scratch, which may sound a bit horrific but it’s actually not that bad at all.
One thing to bear in mind, the first 10 minutes are always the worst whether it’s your first tattoo or your tenth tattoo.
Where does it hurt the most?
In my 17 years of tattooing, I’ve been asked to tattoo pretty much everywhere (with a few exceptions – use your imagination!).
Some parts of the body may hurt more than others and it’s different for everybody. So if a friend had a painful tattooing experience, it may be they have a lower threshold for pain or they might process pain in a different way.

Pro tips on having a tattoo?

Plan your day around getting your tattoo. Take the day off work. Don’t try to squeeze it into a lunch break, especially if it’s your first one.
Getting tattooed is a large part of having a tattoo, I think that the experience of getting a tattoo is as important as the final piece.
A few things to bear in mind…

1 – Get a good nights sleep the night before. Don’t go out partying the night away.
2 – Have a good breakfast or lunch before you come to the studio. Don’t come in feeling hungry or uncomfortable.
3 – Wear comfortable clothing.
4 – Brings some snacks. It’ll help to keep those blood sugars up.
5 – The most important thing. Make sure you’re comfortable with your tattoo artist and the environment where you’re getting your tattoo.

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Check out this video of studio owner Nick Horn explaining the process:

We really hope it helps calm those nerves!