Rose Harley comes to visit

18.06.2018 — Storyville

Our incredibly talented friend Rose Harley came to visit us at Storyville Tattoo studio recently. Rose was also kind enough to film a chat with Nick about her experiences both sides of the needle. Rose works at Vagabond Tattoo studio in Hackney which is where our own Andrew works 3 days a week while he’s not with us. She does beautiful tattoos and is genuinely as friendly and lovely as she comes across in the video so don’t be shy to give her a shout if you like her work, which you can see examples of here. Vagabond Tattoo were actually recently voted number 1 studio in London  by Time Out magazine which Rose (and Andrew!) had no small part in we’re sure! A huge congratulations to everyone at Vagabond from all of us at Storyville Tattoo!


Rose had a slightly surprising start to her tattoo career by actually working in a studio before having a single tattoo! She started when she was still a teenager but didn’t actually get her first tattoo until she was 26! She did the smart thing though and did her homework so when she was ready to get tattooed she know what she wanted and who she wanted to get from. As a result she has a lovely tattoo for her first one and she is still happy with it now. There’s a lesson in that for all first timers. Do your homework, take your time and you’ll get something you really want for the long run.

How many studios?

Rose has worked in quite a few studios for someone who hasn’t been tattooing for all that long. She’s got a great grounding in all tattooing styles as a result. This experience makes her a fantastic role model for her apprentice Leti Mortimer. We’ll sit down for a chat with Leti at some point so we can hear her take on the process!


On to the video, here it is!

A huge thanks to Rose for taking the time to have a chat with Nick! We really enjoyed it and hope you did too!


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