How to find your Tattoo Artist

08.01.2018 — Storyville

Finding the best tattoo artist for you can be a bit overwhelming. It’s the same if you’re getting your first tattoo or about to embark on your tenth.

The right Tattoo Artist

The most obvious thing to do is to jump on Google and simply search for your nearest tattoo artist. You might be lucky and live near a fantastic studio but it’s still worth doing some research. Finding the right tattoo artist might mean travelling and I don’t mean a short drive. It’ll be worth it in the long run!

As well as the internet don’t forget that there are loads of specialist magazines available including great titles like Total Tattoo and Tattoo Life. They’ve already done a lot of the hard work for you and have essentially made a directory of tattoo artists!

It’s certainly worth visiting a tattoo convention or two. They’re a great opportunity to have an original piece by a tattoo artist you might otherwise struggle to see. Almost every major city has a tattoo convention now so there are plenty of options.

Social media is a great place to have a look too. Instagram is a huge resource, as are Pinterest and Facebook. Pinterest is particularly useful because it is an excellent way of building a mood board of tattoos you like. Once you have found your tattoo artist you’ll have loads of reference images for them to look at. If an image has been repinned or saved 10,000 times though that’s 10,000 other people who may well be getting the same design. Probably best to keep looking!

Nick, Andrew and  Aaron can cater for most of your requests but for the few things that just aren’t our forte check out the video below!

Happy hunting!