2018 Dulwich Artists Open House Festival

16.05.2018 — Storyville



The 2018 Dulwich¬†Artists Open House Festival was an absolute blast! Our great friend Fenella Woolgar honoured us by having her first ever exhibition in our studio. Fenella is truly an incredible artist and even finds time to appear in films and television shows to boot. She’s in the new season of BBC’s ‘Call The Midwife’ so be sure to tune in to catch her there. You can of course keep tuned to her website for more info and to buy prints or even commission an original artwork!

Unfortunately we aren’t taking part during the second weekend of the festival as Clare and Nick are already booked. We’ll all be back in 2019 so make a note on the fridge now to come down!


A huge thank you to everyone who came to visit over the weekend. We had a such a wonderfully varied group of people through the doors. The studio really felt like community we were hoping for when we first opened. Everyone may have been slightly persuaded by the complimentary Prosecco and delicious ginger bread tattoo biscuits (handcrafted by our gorgeous friend Lisa), they still had lovely feedback about the studio and the artwork! We have got some temporary tattoos left over for kids so if your littlun is dying for their first tattoo please pop in and we’ll give you a sheet to take home. Although they are temporary, they do last quite a long time so best to plan placement accordingly!

Here’s a timelapse of our day on Saturday 12th of May, the first day of the festival. The wonderful Korn was in Nick’s chair having the finishing touches applied to his sleeve. He’s already booked in to have his back tattooed with a traditional Japanese motif of a Hannya and he’s planning his second sleeve too!


See you all next year!