Danny Kelly in the house!

17.09.2018 — Storyville

We were lucky enough to have Danny Kelly come and tattoo with us recently. He and Nick took the opportunity to sit down for a chat about their experiences so far in and around tattooing and the tattoo community. Nick and Danny used to work together at Good Times Tattoo in Shoreditch for around 5 years so it was a great opportunity for the two of them to catch up and delve into each other’s knowledge and personal opinions on tattooing.


Danny is one of a few tattooists who started out as a piercer and then made the transition across to tattooing. He credits his transition mostly down to the influence of three fantastic tattoo artists he was lucky enough to work with. The first was Claudio Benvenuti who Danny worked with during an extended stay in Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Claudio does beautiful, bold tribal tattooing and it’s easy to see the influence his work had on Danny. Secondly was Thomas Hooper with whom Danny worked with at the world famous Frith Street Tattoo in London’s Soho. Thomas’ work is very well known and he is rightly a very well respected artist. It was Thomas who opened the door for Danny to actually start tattooing. Finally, and most recently, was Saira Hunjan. A true titan within the world of tattooing in London. Saira’s work inspired Danny to give his work more of a decorative, softer feel. He now incorporates into all of his beautiful tattoos.


This is is the first recording we have made of a conversation that will be released in two formats. We have the edited version in the video below and to follow will be the full length unedited version as our very first podcast! Watch this space – and our social media of course – for updates on when that will be available! Now on to the video!